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расшифровка аудиозаписей

Audio transcription (audio to text)

    ✓  Transcribing records since 2006;
    ✓  The standard period of transcribing - 2 days;
    ✓  Urgent transcribing - within 2 hours;
    ✓  Over 50 transcribers in staff;
    ✓  Transcription in English and Russian languages;
    ✓  Translation into foreign languages;
    ✓  Confidentiality is always observed.

Audio transcription is our main service, so we offer you high professionalism, accurate observance of terms and requirements for transcripts. Transcription is the translation of speech, recorded on paper from tape or other media. Transcripts are required by people of different professions, for example, employees of radio stations and movie studios, editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, marketing agencies and people who need a transcript of audio for inclusion in the lawsuit.

Transcription of audio recordings is our main service, so we offer you a high level of professionalism, precise deadlines and requirements for the transcripts.

The staff of our agency has over 50 transcribers from English and Russian (and vice versa) and proofreaders. This allows us to transcribe a large number of records at the same time ensuring the high quality of the final transcripts.

суд расшифровка

Court transcripts

    ✓  Transcripts for court are made by experienced staff;
    ✓  Transcripts are double-proofread;
    ✓  The final document corresponds the requirements of documentation;
    ✓  The transcript is certified by the signature and seal of the company.

If you need to submit a court transcript for attachment to the lawsuit, we will prepare a transcript in accordance with requirements. You can be confident in the accuracy of the presentation of words on paper, as court transcripts are checked repeatedly and are made by experienced transcribers.

The cover page indicates input recording data: duration, media, date of recording, the participants of the conversation. Transcription of audio is tied and certified with the director's signature and stamp.

Письменный перевод и допольнительные услуги

Written translation, editing transcripts

    ✓  Written translation of texts, documents, web sites into English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese languages;
    ✓  Apostilization of documents;
    ✓  Proofreading and literary processing of transcripts;
    ✓  Notarization of translation.

Written translation is one of the most common and popular types of translation. In fact, there are all kinds of work with texts: translation of personal documents and various agreements, advertising and literary texts, as well as translation of websites. The services of transcription agency "Contect" include the translation of audio from different languages and further preparation of the transcript.

We make translations from major European and Asian languages. We also provide the service to put the Apostille stamp.

The editing of transcripts - is an important validation process, which is carried out by professional proofreaders. As a result it leads to the production of grammatically and stylistically correct transcript of the highest quality.

If you need to get the transcript ready for publishing (e.g. on the website or in the print edition), then your service proofreaders our agency. Translation of your documents will be notarized by certified professionals. Only in such cases, the translation of documents with notarization will be considered as correct and will be valid.

Перевод аудио в текст и профессиональное сопровождение

Professional support

The employees of the transcription agency «Contect» are constantly working to improve business processes, combining their efforts to improve the quality of the finished transcripts. We make translation of audio into text for large companies in different industries, including investment companies, banks, media, marketing agencies, conference organizers, consulting companies and others.

During our agency’s stay on the market we have transcribed hundreds of thousands of hours of audio and video recordings. We managed to prove the highest quality of finished transcripts. Employees of the transcription agency "Contect" have a responsible approach to their work examining each order with special attention.

We work for you, so you can be sure in excellent quality of order execution!