Frequently asked questions

General questions

Yes, you can bring a recording device to our office during working hours, we recommend you call the office to make an appointment in advance.

What is your cost recovery policy for a transcriptwhich was not accepted by the court because of your fault?

In case the court did not accept the transcript for a reason directly related to our agency (document formatting, absence of any documents, etc.), we commit ourselvesto makeall the corrections, provide the missing documents or write an explanation to the judge. In our practice of making transcription certification to the court the cases of not acceptance are about 3-5%. As a rule,these caseslay beyond the scope of our field of activity.

In this case we will transcribe the segment of the audio recording that you assign to us (for example, from 5 minutes 35 seconds to 23 minutes 20 seconds), which will be indicated on the title page of the certified transcript. The audio file itself, which is the material evidence, must be made available to the court without any changes in the original formand on original media.

Yes of course. The surcharge will be equal to the difference between the price of thegeneral transcription and transcription with certification for the court.

Yes, of course,we ask you to immediately return to us the transcript indicating the mistakesand we will send it to the proofreader for editing.

You can upload the audio file through any public file sharing service (for example http://wetransfer.com), indicating our e-mail: info@contect.ru.

You can receive it electronically in MS Word format of any version, PDF or in printed form (5 rubles per sheet).

We accept most audio and video formats, including: wav, mp3, mp4, ogg, aiff, aif, m4a, mov, wma, avi, flv, 3gp, 3gpp, 3ga, amr, m4v, dss. As a rule, if you can open it on your computer— we can transcribe it.

If the upload form on our website does not accept your audio format, you can rename its extension to .mp3, telling us about it.

Yes, you can see examples of such transcripts in the relevant sections: focus groups and interviews, transcription of thesis defense, transcription with certification for the court. You can also send to us your requestvia email to info@contect.ru, and we will provide you with some examples of our work.

The standard accuracy of our transcripts is 98-99%, while the differences between the speech on the audio recording and the text usually occur due to the removal of filler words, repetitions and other speech errors. Inaccuracies in the recognition of words by the transcriber may occur in the case of poor-quality of audio recordings, noises and other factors. Inaccuracies in the recognition of speech by mistake of the transcriber are usually minimal.

The standard procedure includes general transcription of the audio recording, multiple check for compliance with the audio by the transcriber and quality assurance by a proofreader to recognize words not heard by the transcriber, then the text is sent to the client.

Transcription with certification for the court undergo a special procedure: all speech errors, expletives and filler words are preserved. Also, such transcripts go through additional quality control after which it is sent to the client for verification and being certified after it.

Our standard delivery time is 2 days. You can choose urgent service for guaranteed delivery within 24 hours. For audio records in English the turnaround time is 2-4 working days.