Focus-groups and interviews

We prepare transcripts of focus groups and interviews for marketing research

Tasked to create an analytical report on marketing research? Transcription of focus groups and interview records for marketing research is one of the key areas of our expertise. Every month we prepare transcripts for tens and hundreds hours of focus groups and interview records and have developed in-depth experience in this field.

The process of transcribing

Each focus group or interview is transcribedby one specialist, which is related to the complexity of personification when one project is divided between several transcribers, therefore, it usually takes 1-2 working days to make a standard two-hour focus group transcript. If transcription service is ordered just before holidays or weekends, the transcript will be ready on the first working day after the weekend or holidays.

In order for the focus group transcript to be qualitative and precisely personalized, we recommend that you send us video recordings of the meeting.

We also offer the following additional services, per our clients’ requests, such as:

  Transcripts with personification of the focus group participators (video records);
  Transcripts with time stamping;
  Proofreading of transcripts;
  Formatting according to the clients’ request;
  Urgent transcription within 24 hours;
  Selection of the most competent transcriber specializing in the topic of your research (pharmaceutics, automobiles, IT, etc.).

We provide discounts and different payment options for our regular clients (over a period of time, over a project, etc.). Valuation is realized on the basis of the record length or of the symbols amount.

Privileges for regular clients

The price calculation can be based on the duration of the audio recording, as well as on the number of characters of the finished transcript.