Subtitles and editorial scripts

Our subtitling services ensure that your content is accessible to a wider audience.

The most important aspect in making transcripts of television broadcasts recordings is the exact correspondence of the transcribed text to the one that was recorded by the video camera.

Transcribing of such audio/video recordings requires high speed of delivery, accuracy, attentiveness and precise time-stamping.

Editorial scripts and dialog continuity

An editorial script is a table with a description of what is happening in the film or TV-program. The description takes place in chronological order with an exact indication of the time code of each frame, its content: footage, texts, music, as well as shots and speeches of the characters.

Editorial scripts are essential documents that are required for the picture lockin the Gosfilmofond, they are also necessary for obtaining the screening licence. We make editorial scripts in accordance to Gosfilmofond requirements.


dialog continuity is a variant of shortened editorial script. It consists only of the speeches of the characters with an indication of time codes, sometimes contains the initial and final credits. Dialog continuities are also used when editing TV-programs, documentaries, talk shows, etc.

Subtitles. Subtitles Translation.

Subtitling is the next step after transcription where the dialogue or its translation is superimposed directly onto the video.

The translators of the transcription agency Contect are fluent in English. They have solid experience in translating subtitles. Moreover, in order to ensure high quality of the results each work is proofread by another specialist.

You get a file in Word format which can be used to translate subtitles into foreign languages.