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Conferences and forums

We transcribe materials from press conferences, forums, lectures, official meetings and other events.

Conference and forum transcripts prepared for our clients are used as a rule for further publishing in magazines, newspapers, brochures or on websites.

The process of transcribing

Often this requires that transcripts would correspond stylistically to the format of the printed edition with accurate retention of concept and special terminology.

We transcribe records both in Russian and English. We also provide a service of transcript proofreading for transcripts intended for publication. We choose transcribers individually for every single audio record from conference or forum taking into account the subject matter of the event being held.

Individual approach

In the case there are any difficulties with understanding of special terms and abbreviation we deal with each controversial issue individually with the help of additional sources. Inaudible words will be highlighted in color in the transcript and time-coded.

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Focus-groups and interviews

We prepare transcripts of focus groups and interviews for marketing research

Tasked to create an analytical report on marketing research? Transcription of focus groups and interview records for marketing research is one of the key areas of our expertise. Every month we prepare transcripts for tens and hundreds hours of focus groups and interview records and have developed in-depth experience in this field.

The process of transcribing

Each focus group or interview is transcribedby one specialist, which is related to the complexity of personification when one project is divided between several transcribers, therefore, it usually takes 1-2 working days to make a standard two-hour focus group transcript. If transcription service is ordered just before holidays or weekends, the transcript will be ready on the first working day after the weekend or holidays.

In order for the focus group transcript to be qualitative and precisely personalized, we recommend that you send us video recordings of the meeting.

We also offer the following additional services, per our clients’ requests, such as:

  Transcripts with personification of the focus group participators (video records);
  Transcripts with time stamping;
  Proofreading of transcripts;
  Formatting according to the clients’ request;
  Urgent transcription within 24 hours;
  Selection of the most competent transcriber specializing in the topic of your research (pharmaceutics, automobiles, IT, etc.).

We provide discounts and different payment options for our regular clients (over a period of time, over a project, etc.). Valuation is realized on the basis of the record length or of the symbols amount.

Privileges for regular clients

The price calculation can be based on the duration of the audio recording, as well as on the number of characters of the finished transcript.

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transcripts of thesis defence contect ru


Transcription of thesis defense

We provide transcription service for thesis defense audio and video records.

Your benefits

✓ An important advantage when working with our agency is the high quality of our transcripts which are double-checked by proofreaders.

✓ The transcription agency Contect provides transcripts formatted in accordance to the Higher Attestation Commission(HAC) requirements, therefore anyfurther adjustments to the text are not required.

✓ You are guaranteed to receive ready transcript of thesis defense within 2 working days. Request our service in order to save your time, efforts and nerves.


An equally important aspect is the cost of audio transcription. Our prices are as follows:30 USD per audio hour with standard formatting and 40 USD per audio hour with formatting in accordance to HAC requirements.

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Subtitles and editorial scripts

Our subtitling services ensure that your content is accessible to a wider audience.

The most important aspect in making transcripts of television broadcasts recordings is the exact correspondence of the transcribed text to the one that was recorded by the video camera.

Transcribing of such audio/video recordings requires high speed of delivery, accuracy, attentiveness and precise time-stamping.

Editorial scripts and dialog continuity

An editorial script is a table with a description of what is happening in the film or TV-program. The description takes place in chronological order with an exact indication of the time code of each frame, its content: footage, texts, music, as well as shots and speeches of the characters.

Editorial scripts are essential documents that are required for the picture lockin the Gosfilmofond, they are also necessary for obtaining the screening licence. We make editorial scripts in accordance to Gosfilmofond requirements.


dialog continuity is a variant of shortened editorial script. It consists only of the speeches of the characters with an indication of time codes, sometimes contains the initial and final credits. Dialog continuities are also used when editing TV-programs, documentaries, talk shows, etc.

Subtitles. Subtitles Translation.

Subtitling is the next step after transcription where the dialogue or its translation is superimposed directly onto the video.

The translators of the transcription agency Contect are fluent in English. They have solid experience in translating subtitles. Moreover, in order to ensure high quality of the results each work is proofread by another specialist.

You get a file in Word format which can be used to translate subtitles into foreign languages.

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Фото с сайта contect.ru, Письменный перевод


Written translation

We translate from English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish into Russian and vice versa.

The agency Contect offers translation and other language services. Translation Department phones:

+7 (495) 142-20-57 and +7 (985) 774-53-44.


We provide translation services from the following languages into Russian and vice versa:

✓ English;


Translations can be done on a variety of sectors such as:
Finance and economics;
Law (incorporation and organizational documents);
Marketing research and statistics;
Technical sector;
Media and Entertainment;
Articles, essays (social or fiction journalism)

Translation prices

 To Russian (per page)From Russian (per page)
English 650 rub.700 rub.
German650 rub.700 rub.
French650 rub.700 rub.
Spanish680 rub.730 rub.

Please be aware prices may vary and depend on the complexity of the documents.

Some documents may require notarization or verification by the seal of the translation agency.

Website localization

Why you would need to translate your website?

When the market of its native country is not enough for constantly growing business and it requires “fresh blood” among customers and investors, one cannot do without presenting their services in a language which is spoken anywhere in the world.

Our agency provideswebsite translation from/into English (or any other language). We will translate:

The content of the website,
Graphic elements,

To do this, you just need to send us the links of the website pages or the texts in MSWord format. You will get the translation in the form of text files.

We can also perform the translation of meta-tags so that your website can be easily found by foreign users.

Notarization of translation

ServicePrice per documentDelivery time
Notarization of translation 800 rub.1-2 working days
Сertification of the translation by the seal of the translation agency 200 rub.-

The main requirement for notarization of a translation is the presence of official seals and signatures.

In accordance with Art. 81«The Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on the Notariate»the notary certifies the translator’s signature.


Requirements for the document to be translated:

The document must be in the original or in a copy certified by an authorized person;

The document must contain the necessary document attributes —number, date, signature and seal;

It is impossible to notarize the translation of some part of the document. Translation must be made for the entire text of the document.

For some documents, it is enough to certify the translation with a seal of the translation agency. The certification of the translation by the seal of the translation agency confirms the fact that the translation was made by a qualified translator, as well as that the translation corresponds to the original text.


You can order translation services and ask any questions by phone:

+7 (495) 142-20-57 or by writing to us to: translate@contect.ru

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Фото с сайта contect.ru, Перевод на иностранные языки


Transcription in English

We offer transcription services by native language and subject-area experts.

In addition to translation services, we also provide the service of transcription of audio recordings in English.

What we transcribe

The wide range of activities audio recordings of which we transcribe includes:

Conferences and official meetings;
In-depth interviews and focus groups;
Conversation recordings;
Journalistic interviews.

Our transcribers are native speakers of foreign languages, so you can be sure of the quality of the work done.

Prices and turnaround time

Our standard delivery time is 2 to 4 days.

You can find the up-to-date prices for our services in the Prices section of our website, but the price for transcription in English may vary depending on the complexity of the material and is determined individually by our specialists.

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