Prices for audio transcription:

We can offer discounts depending on the length of audio records for one-time clients.

The prices listed here are for good quality audio records only. In case of low quality record, a reduction ratio can be applied.

You can choose urgent service for guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.

Our standard delivery time:

2 days for transcripts in Russian.

2 to 4 days for transcripts in English.

Our services
Special discounts can be applied for regular clients
per 1 hour* of record
Transcription in Russian2000 rub.
Transcription of court session in Russian2500 rub.
Urgent audio transcription within 24 hours in Russianот 3000 rub.
Transcription with certification for court in Russian4500 rub.
Additional copy of transcript with certification for court500 rub. (per piece)
Transcription of thesis defense2100 rub.
Transcription of focus-group/strong> 0.05 rub. per character
Transcription in English4000 rub.
Written translation from English into Russian and vice versa (per page – 250 words)from 600 rub.
Audiotape digitizing500 rub.
Home delivery500 rub.

Prices charged per minute, but single orders with record duration less than 30 minutes are rounded up to 30 minutes, then charged per minute. Audio transcripts with certification for court with record duration less than 60 minutes are rounded up to 60 minutes, then charged per minute.